GOAL # 9



Bakit ito kasama sa goals ko?

Kasi nagmahal na ang siling labuyo, buti pa sila ano? nagmahal pero pinahalagahan parin. Ako mahal man pero libre lang para sakanya kaso naghanap parin siya ng cheap😏


  1. Condor brand (chilli pepper)
  2. seedling tray
  3. Peat Moss
  4. Klassman TS3 soil



 Position the pepper seeds one per hole using a Klasmann TS3 soil.

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: When I was placing the pepper seeds on a seedling tray, I remembered how creative my mind then that maybe when I swallowed the seed of whatever it is I’m eating, it will eventually grow inside my stomach and I got really careful eating then, but now I don’t care anymore. Too hungry to be careful 😅🍴

Heart Update: I hate him so much!😤



In 18-21 days, we can now transfer the plant to ground. put 100 grams of organic fertilizer and water the plants every 3 days.

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: I am such a forgetful person really. hahahha I always forgot to water the plant so my grandma here does it for me. I didn’t know that she was watering my plant not until i heard her singing at the backyard in the tune of “row-row-row your boat” with the lines goes like this, 

“grow-grow-grow you plants,

sing along with me, 

many- many-many days from now,

I will set you free.”

It was so heart-warming to see her watering my plants while singing. Such a day maker😍

Heart Update: I’m fine, still broken but fine. I want to kill him when i see him😈



After 20 days we can now apply fertilizer to support the growth of our chili pepper.

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: Nothing much happened here except that I am still crying because of my ex hahaha just a little.

Heart Update:  😥



45 days after transferring the plant from the medium to soil, apply complete fertilizer with potassium.



:It took so long to reach here and I’ve got so much to tell you guys. Okay so first, In just a couple of months I was able to finish my 3 other goals which are: GOAL # 5, 29, 7 check it out on my other blogs!

Heart Update: It still has my ex but I can laught it off now haha.


75th day, we can now pick the ripe chili pepper.

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Heart Update: I’m so mad at him😡

Thank you guys for reading this blog. After a total of 161 days, consisting of 5 months and 4 days. I can say that my love for my ex decreased just a little for now but knowing that I still got 80 Goals untouched, sooner or later I’ll get over him. To see what happened to my 9 other goals that had finished click my other blogs. Until next time! stay tuned.